A little inspiration

25 01 2010

As we head down the final stretch, we wanted to remind you about the difference you are making. And as Darren Lee from Oxford’s FM107.9 said, think of the children.

With the help of a Children’s Miracle Network hospital, children of all ages and backgrounds receive treatment for every imaginable disease and injury – from asthma and broken bones to cancer and heart defects. Children’s hospitals are also the front lines of research, education and outreach programmes that keep millions of children out of the hospital each year.

Children’s Miracle Network hospitals depend on community support to help fund vital services, specialised care and unique programmes designed specifically for children. Most funds are raised a pound/euro or two at a time by caring individuals, like you!

Thank you for dropping the drink, and helping make miracle happen!


And here’s an update from Darren Lee of OXFORD’S FM107.9

22 01 2010

I don’t drink a lot, so I thought this would be easy. Well, I thought that I don’t drink a lot! I live in a shared house so there’s always someone opening a beer, or pouring a glass of wine – refusing a drink has been the hardest part. I probably drink something every day, even if it’s a shared can of cider. I fell off the wagon at the weekend, but I’ve used my ‘night off’ voucher retrospectively, so my slate is clean! I feel really good for not drinking, I’ve lost that groggy feeling that had built up over time. It’s also nice to be reminded that you can go out at the weekend and not have a drink – I’m still a fun person sober! Plus, all this is for a great cause – sick children in Oxfordshire. When you’re thinking it’s all too hard, think of the children!


Check out how Rosie from OXFORD’S FM107.9 is not drinking

22 01 2010

January’s been good….  yeah I know the money situation’s RUBBISH but that’s because December’s pay day seems like an eternity ago – and there’s still TWO weekends to go till our bank accounts see a much needed cash injection.

That said, I have decided to Drop The Drink and it’s helped.

It’s been a welcome invitation to a lighter liver but NOT a lighter purse.

It’s going well, I’ve already used my one-off pass, although some say I used it foolishly as I had one beer with a Mexican meal, but that was fine by me.

I’ve definitely dropped a pound or two – my jeans feel a little looser and so far my pledge to drop the drink has raised over £100 for sick children across Oxfordshire. That’s cool.

Some of my friends, no wait…my boyfriend has tried to twist my arm into drinking a few times; “No one will know, come on it’s just one drink”, but I think he’s got the message now, besides, I’ve discovered non-alcoholic larger (allelujah!) and I rate that as being a perfectly acceptable substitute.

This weekend’s looking like it won’t pose any drinking danger, and since I signed up this campaign I’ve re-discovered my passion for herbal teas.

Who wants a hangover anyway?

Rosie x

Get Ready to Drop the Drink

29 12 2009

Health & fitness guru Karl Henry puts Leinster and Ireland International rugby player Bernard Jackman and Today FM’s Louise Heraghty through their paces as they prepare to Drop the Drink for January. You can join them, SIGN UP HERE TODAY

If you would like to help us raise funds for sick children then why not drop the drink for January and sign up here

Check out some of the great Ambassadors who have already signed up here

If you would like to become an Ambassador  for the Children’s Miracle Network, we would love to hear from you, drop us an email at dropthedrink@childrensmiraclenetwork.org