How to have fun being the Designated Driver

14 01 2010

Signing up to Drop the Drink doesnt mean you need to stay in all weekend….you can still go out and have some fun. Here is some advice on how to have some fun as a designated driver! Of course be safe even when you are having fun…as the sober person dont put your friends at any risk…ok.

Party away!

Just act like you’re dinking! It will be fun to see if any of the intoxicated people pick up on your soberness. Drink cranberry/7-up or Red bull and psych yourself into feeling like you’re having a couple drinks. Let loose and have fun.

Talk to the Lovely Ladies/Gents

While all of your friends are drunk and can’t form words into sentences, you can prove your maturity to the girls/guys by showing them you have restraint and control.

Mess With Your Friends

– Constantly tell your friends you need a tenner for petrol and see how much you rack up by the end of the night.

 – Stick a tenner (that you probably got from your friends) in the juke box and select the same song to play over and over. The key is to pick a song everyone likes the first time, but can’t stand after the tenth time. May I suggest anything by Prince, Eminem or Queen?


Mid Week Celebrity Ambassador Updates

13 01 2010

Another hilarious weekend for Eoin Mc Devitt

“Who knew it cost so much to buy a soft drink in a pub? 5.20 for a pint of Coke?! 2 euro for a bit of poxy auld blackcurrant???!!! Bloody hell, it might make economic sense to get back on the booze!!!”

“Anyway, survived the big freeze with my sobriety intact (am I the only person in the country who enjoyed the “cold snap”? Snow is fun). Searching for things to do to occupy my weekends, I may give Dublin’s O’Byrne Cup opener against Wexford at Parnell Park a rattle on Sunday…”

No signs of Bernard Jackman giving up yet

“With both our games having been postponed so far in January due to the weather its been easy not going out as you feel as if you don’t deserve it and its important to maintain fitness levels too.

Saturday night one of my teammate’s wives’s organised a surprise 30th for him in Ashtons Clonskeagh. Most of the Leinster team was there and we were all on Minerals or still water!

With big games coming up over the next fortnight against Brive and London Irish there might be temptation ahead.”

How’s the attitude?

13 01 2010

Well according to the Irish Independent  people fail with resolutions because they go about it the wrong way. Now I reckon all our Drop the Drink volunteers have a great attitude (and if you do to you can sign up here)

Professor Richard Wiseman studied 700 volunteers who made a wide range of resolutions, including quitting smoking, losing weight, starting a relationship or gaining a qualification or giving up drink for a month starting whenever you like (….ok we added that last bit in)

Just 22pc of participants managed to meet their goals or described their progress as “very successful”.

The reason so many failed was that they took the wrong approach and were led astray by self-help books, according to Prof Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire in England.

By comparing the techniques of successful and unsuccessful resolution makers, he came up with a list of tips for staying the course when making changes in one’s life.

People who failed tended to dwell on the “bad things” that would happen if they did not achieve their goal, said the professor.

They were likely to remove temptation from their surroundings, adopt role models, fantasise about being successful, and rely on will power.


“Many of these ideas are frequently recommended by self-help experts but our results suggest that they simply don’t work,” said Prof Wiseman. “Because of the widespread nature of this advice, millions of people will fail to achieve their aims.”

Successful participants, on the other hand, broke their goals into small steps and rewarded themselves when each stage was passed.

They also told friends about what they were trying to achieve, reminded themselves of the benefits of obtaining their goal, and charted their progress.

“Many of the most successful techniques involve making a plan and helping yourself stick to it,” said Prof Wiseman.

“Those carrying out all five techniques were around 20pc more successful than others. Failing to achieve your ambitions is often psychologically harmful because it can rob people of a sense of self-control. I hope that this new research will help people change their lives in 2010,” he added.

Prof Wiseman advised making only one resolution to increase chances of success and treating any failure as a temporary set-back rather than a reason to give up altogether.

– John von Radowitz in London

Irish Independent

Louise Heraghty’s Update

12 01 2010

So how is our Louise Heraghty getting on second week into dropping the drink for January:.

We caught up with her earlier and this is what she had to say:

“Weekend was tough enough but kept off the drink. After being housebound for much of the week a glass of wine would have been lovely on Friday night but I passed.

My worry was I would find it tough at my friends 30th on Sat night but because of the weather conditions I didn’t make it down to Waterford. Instead i went to a gig in Dublin, most other people were drinking & I almost succombed to a bottle of beer but decided to stick to my pledge. 
Again on Sunday evening I faced a dilemma as my housemate made us a lovely dinner which would normally be accompanied with wine but again had to say no.
This week should be ok as I don’t plan anything hectic. Also it feels great not to be hungover on a Monday.”
It will all be worth Louise we promise!!

Update from some of our (non) Drinkers

11 01 2010

I got great updates from some of our (non) drinkers today letting me know how they were getting on.

Right then, disastrous weekend, well Friday anyway.  No excuse but had a particularly stressful week and ended up using my weekend pass already on Friday night with 2 glasses of red wine….pathetic!!! the good news is I am now re motivated and keen to finish the rest of the month with noooooooooooooooooooooo alcohol, will keep you posted.  My advice is, stay away from mean friends who are keen to lead you astray!!!

Lyndsay said

Well another successful drink free weekend! Friday night dinner and I found alcohol free beer to be ok – shocker!  Friends 30th birthday on Saturday and I stayed on ginger beer all night and found everything as funny as the drunk people did at midnight!

Gemma said:

Well it was my first weekend off the drink, so It hasn’t been that hard so far. I’m sure next weekend I’ll have cravings tho

Joanne told us that:

Well I seem to be coping pretty well….surprisingly! I do usually have a glass or two of wine with tea at least 3 times a week. Although I have found this weekend to be a little harder than the weekdays. Swapping that wine glass for a pint of water has done me some good also. My skin has a new glow and although having to run to the loo pretty much every 10 minutes I feel so much better! I think an extra achievement on my behalf would be the tolerance I have held onto with my husband during his days of drinking over the last 2 weeks. Having a gleaming glass of Rose sat opposite you on a saturday evening after a hard days work in the house is NOT easy for temptation!!!!!

You can listen to Sarah this Sunday between 4 and 7 on Oxfords 107.9

Things to do this weekend??

8 01 2010

Well it is pretty horrible out so staying in and off the drink (if you havent already you can sign up here)may not be the worst thing in the world. So what to do. Well you could rent some DVD’s. The irony isn’t lost as I suggest this but if you havent seen the Hangover, its well worth watching. Very funny. The Taking of Pelham 123 is also out and watchable. Others out there include

  • Inglorious
  • District 9
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Transformers
  • GI Joe
  • Star Trek
  • Ice Age 3!

If a DVD doesnt float your boat why not see whats on the TV?

  • It may drive you to drink so be careful but Celebrity Big Brother is back on Channel 4
  • Dancing on Ice returns on ITV and TV3
  • Living TV is always good for hours of CSI
  • New Knight Rider is on Five
  • If in doubt hit Comedy Central for Scrubs and South Park
  • So you think you can Dance is on BBC on Saturday
  • Thankfully you will get some relief when Match of The Day is on later that night

If you do want to venture out you could try going to see a film, here are some that are in the cinema now:

  • Avatar or go for the 3D version
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Nowhere Boy
  • Nine
  • Did you hear about the morgans
  • and for the kid in you! Alvin and the Chipmunks 2!

Celebrity Ambassador Update

6 01 2010

We’ve got an update on how some of our Celebrity Ambassadors are doing almost a week on the dry for January:

Eoin Mc Devitt






So far, so sober.

After a scarring New Years Eve experience in Dublin city centre (alcohol + icy streets – taxis = no fun) the thought of dropping the drink (and possibly not leaving the house) for a month actually seemed quite appealing. By Saturday night though, boredom had set in, at which point I took up a role to which I might as well become accustomed over the next five weekends: the designated driver.  

Two points I learned from my first foray into this little-understood subculture of Irish social life: One is that staying off the booze for the night is alright until people keep reminding you that you’re staying off the booze for the night. The other: If you’re the designated driver, always leave the club before the music stops and the lights go on.

Louise Heraghty






Our Poor Louise has been dosed with a cold since New Years so it’s going well her so far.She reckons that this weekend will be when the real challenge kicks in with her friends 30th birthday. She is not giving up too easily though as she plans to hold on to her one day pass until later in the month when she is really desperate.