Drop the Drink is an online fundraising initiative that encourages individuals or groups to sign up to the challenge of a month-long-sponsored abstinence from alcohol.

It’s simple – give up drinking for the month, then you ask your friends and family to sponsor you!

Now, we aren’t anti-drink.  But consider this – after the holiday party season, it’s a great way to clear your head, take advantage of some great health benefits, and – most importantly – help raise funds for sick and injured children across the country!  By giving up drink for 31 days, and asking friends and family to pledge their support, you really can make miracles happen.


Kelsey is a rarity among 8-year-olds – she actually likes going to the hospital. Visiting the Royal Hospital for Sick Children gives her a chance to see her favorite “clown doctors” and the friends who’ve helped her face juvenille dermatomyositis. This rare inflammatory disease is characterised by skin rashes and muscle weakness. To read Kelsey’s full story click here.

Orna was born with lots of extras – namely, an extra chromosome and three holes in her heart. This led to open heart surgery when she was just six months old. Through the special care that Orna received from the doctors and nurses at her Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Orna had a very successful surgery and started to thrive. To read Orna’s full story click here.

Drop The Drink is a new online campaign by Children’s Miracle Network. Children’s Miracle Network is an international non-profit organisation that raises funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals.  Donations to Children’s Miracle Network create miracles by funding medical care, research and education that improves the lives of children.  To learn more about Children’s Miracle Network, visit us at ChildrensMiracleNetwork.ie or ChildrensMiracleNetwork.org.uk.

Children’s Miracle Network UK registered charity number in England/Wales 1119962 and company number 06270698; and in Scotland charity number SC039622. Children’s Miracle Network Ireland charity registration CHY17907.

We are thrilled to have Foresters, the International financial services organisation, supporting our work in the UK once again. Foresters members and volunteers all across the country are set to help us spread the word about our Drop the Drink campaign to help sick children in their communities.

Steve Dilworth, Foresters UK Membership Director said, “Foresters is delighted to be supporting Children Miracle Network’s drop the drink campaign. Children are a priority in Foresters community support programme and our relationship with Children’s Miracle Network reinforces our family focused strategy whereby we seek to improve the lives of children and their families.

“By dropping the drink, not only can you raise funds for sick children, but also take advantage of some great health benefits. If you give up alcohol for 31 days, and ask friends and family to pledge their support, you really can start 2010 in a positive way. Over eight in 10 (83%) of Brits will make a New Year’s resolution on the 1st January but only one in 10 will succeed** – raising money for specialist children’s’ hospitals and healthcare programmes is a great incentive for sticking to your New Year’s resolution as well as staying on the wagon! ”


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