Check out how Rosie from OXFORD’S FM107.9 is not drinking

22 01 2010

January’s been good….  yeah I know the money situation’s RUBBISH but that’s because December’s pay day seems like an eternity ago – and there’s still TWO weekends to go till our bank accounts see a much needed cash injection.

That said, I have decided to Drop The Drink and it’s helped.

It’s been a welcome invitation to a lighter liver but NOT a lighter purse.

It’s going well, I’ve already used my one-off pass, although some say I used it foolishly as I had one beer with a Mexican meal, but that was fine by me.

I’ve definitely dropped a pound or two – my jeans feel a little looser and so far my pledge to drop the drink has raised over £100 for sick children across Oxfordshire. That’s cool.

Some of my friends, no wait…my boyfriend has tried to twist my arm into drinking a few times; “No one will know, come on it’s just one drink”, but I think he’s got the message now, besides, I’ve discovered non-alcoholic larger (allelujah!) and I rate that as being a perfectly acceptable substitute.

This weekend’s looking like it won’t pose any drinking danger, and since I signed up this campaign I’ve re-discovered my passion for herbal teas.

Who wants a hangover anyway?

Rosie x




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