Heading out tonight? Want to enjoy a cocktail?

16 01 2010

Why not, there are a lot of great mocktails out there, or order your favourite drink, virgin-ised.

Here are a few you can make yourself, or order while you’re out with friends:

  • If you enjoy Whiskey, try Whissin! Made from a mixture of barley, maize and wheat, the tipple is the product of more than two years’ research and tests by the family firm, Espadafor, which specialises in non-alcoholic substitutes. Drink it on the rocks, with a mixer or try a Whiskey Mac!
  • Rum fan? Non-alcoholic Ronsin is made from brown cane sugar, honey and natural rum essence. Enjoy it on ice with a slice of lemon, or use it to make a Virgin Colada.
  • A golf fan, order an Arnold Palmer, a beverage consisting of half unsweetened iced tea and half lemonade named for golfing legend Arnold Palmer.
  • Girl’s Night Out? Be the Belle of the Ball and order a Cinderella – 2oz Club Soda, 1 dash grenadine, 1 oz lemon juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice.
  • For Safe Sex on the Beach – cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and peach nectar.
  • A few true classics: Shirley Temple, Virgin Daiquiri, or a Virgin Mary.

Or just ask for a glass of water or soda water with a lemon or lime. People will just assume it contains alcohol.




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